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Farolite™ is on a mission to illuminate the world, one country at a time. Our trusted distributor partners, currently overseeing operations in the US, India, South Korea, Holland, Russia, Romania, South Korea, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and China, collaborate with lighting designers, interior designers and architects to light up every event, entertainment, hospitality sector, commercial spaces, architectural structures around the globe.


GCI: The Global Network for Lighting & Sound

GCI:The Global Network for Lighting & Sound is Farolite’s initiative where our teams from Germany, China and India come together to collaborate over all our lighting and staging projects to provide our clients with innovative, cutting-edge and end-to-end stage lighting solutions.

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Shenzhen Schmidt

Shenzhen Schmidt Technology, Germany are partners with Farolite in GCi and provide cutting edge German engineering and excellence in lighting design.

Shenzhen Schmidt’s founder, Henry Schmidt is also the Chief Creative Design officer at GCI and an R&D advisor for Farolite.

Madrix Lighting Control

MADRIX is our Germany based  go-to brand for high-quality, powerful lighting control systems.  What makes MADRIX control systems all the more special is that they can combine flexibly with creative LED lighting, LED installations, LED display screens, lighting and staging tools and syncs all the different lighting with the sound, providing a great sound to light solution.

At the PLS Guangzhou February 2019 show, MADRIX Germany’s director Christian has approved Henry Schmidt, the chief designer at GCI, to impart MADRIX training at the new MADRIX academy opened in the GCI & Farolite office in Baiyun, Guangzhou. We thank Christian’s confidence in the GCI team for using MADRIX creatively in their many projects and for interviewing our GCI chief designer, Henry at the show.

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