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High Performance Stage Lighting

Farolite™ is your trusted partner for cutting-edge, end-to-end stage lighting solutions for the event, entertainment, hospitality, architectural, church lighting and commercial industry. Our foundation is based on developing lighting products and providing services that are technology driven, effective, alluring, efficient, durable and value for money. Thanks to our innovative offerings and exceptional customer service, we are now regarded as the go-to source of the lighting industry by our discerning clientele and partners. At Farolite, we are a focused and passionate team and are one of the few stage lighting companies that believe in what we create and offer a 3-year warranty on all our products.

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Premier Stage Lighting Specialists

Farolite™ offers a wide range of innovative event, entertainment, theatrical, video, TV studio,
architectural, church and stage lighting that deliver increased efficiency and enhanced performance.

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Turnkey Event Lighting Solution Providers

As a brand with roots in the US, design influences from Europe, manufacturing facilities in China and India, Farolite™ has national and international distributor partners to meet the stage lighting needs of our growing customer base in the event, entertainment, architectural and commercial sector.
From high-tech LED screens, visual content, controllers to assembling it all together, we are equipped to provide the best stage experience to our clients and their customers.

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Farolite – GCI – Projects from Concept to Design to Execution

Farolite Light Show @ PLS 2019 Guangzhou

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Our work speaks for itself. See how FaroliteTM’s
products and services steals the limelight at
every show.

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Join the FaroliteTM distributor network and let your customers enjoy the most cutting edge, efficient, energy saving stage lighting solutions that come with our 3 year warranty of confidence.