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Farolite™ is the global manufacturer and provider of end-to-end stage lighting solutions, serving the event, entertainment, theatrical, hospitality, architectural , Church lighting and commercial industry from the past decade. With over hundreds of distinct and noteworthy designs to our credit, we collaborate with our national and international partners to offer comprehensive stage setup solutions including hardware, media content, control systems, LED display screens, assembling and installation. See how Farolite turns all our projects into professional success.
Our mission is to be the leading providers of cutting-edge stage lighting solutions around the globe. With a goal to serve the growing need for innovative, durable and energy-efficient stage lighting, Farolite™ is continuously exploring innovative designs and new technologies to maximize the stage lighting experience and enhance value. We are committed to our “Customer-First” attitude and offer a 3-year warranty on all our products.


Everything You Need to Set the Stage

Combining the strength of our product line and the stage expertise of our partners, we provide our customers with a full line of stage setup services that include stage lights, high-end LED display screens, visual media content, light control systems and dimmers. In addition to the above services, we also provide assembling, installation, stage and lighting technicians for all types of events.

Watch how GCI changed an old club into a piece of art, converting it from a drawing board to an actual happening club — a perfect zero to hero story.

Our staging and lighting partner network are currently present in the US, Germany, China, India, South Korea, Holland, Russia, Romania, South Korea, Nigeria, Indonesia, and China. The Germany, China and India teams are the integral members that form our initiative, GCI: The Global Network for Lighting and Sound.
Join our distributor network to serve your customers with the most cutting edge, efficient, energy saving stage lighting and staging solutions.
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"Customer-First" Lighting Solutions

We stand by our “Customer-First” approach and provide superior lighting and staging solutions that fits our customers’ and their clients’ needs.
Our outstanding servicing process starts from the briefing stage where the clients provide us with their complete set of needs and requirements. Putting them all together, we move to a conceptualization stage where we draft an optimal lighting and staging concept that cover all the bases of client requirements. Once we get the green flag from the client’s end, we move to the execution stage where we, along with our country partners, complete the lighting, LED, sound and stage setup that provides the best value and stage lighting experience.
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