Farolite™ offers a wide range of innovative event, entertainment, theatrical, video, TV studio, architectural, church and stage lights that deliver increased efficiency and enhanced performance.

All our lighting solutions come with staging services that we provide in association with our country partners and distributors

  • Visual media content
  • High-end LED display screens
  • LED, lighting and sound controllers
  • Stage setup and assembling
  • Artistic, interactive, kinetic lighting installations

Bars, Clubs, Lounges

Farolite™ has been lighting some of the most crowded bars and famous clubs around the world with customer-attracting ambiance and aura. Appreciated for their cutting edge technology and aesthetic designs, our Moving Heads, Washes, Bee Eyes, Strobes, Matrix Bars, LED light fixtures and PAR can light designs are helping illuminate and make hospitality establishments stand out.
GCI club lights GCI restaurant lights

Theatres, EDM Festivals

From small and big theater productions to large EDM festivals, all require the perfect lighting to create the right
ambiance. With its unique, high-intensity and robust stage lighting range, Farolite™ is the torchbearer in the
evolution of theatrical lighting.

Events, Concerts, Entertainment Carnivals

Farolite™ caters to the concert and stage lighting fixtures market. With our console lighting series, bright sidelights, cool lasers, strong backlights, and bright stage spotlights, we have been able to make a name for ourselves in the area of concert production lighting equipment and technology.

Hotel Venues, Hotel Facades, Restaurants

From iconic, mid-century classics to cutting edge, exclusive releases that are brighter, lighter and long-lasting, Farolite™ manufactures only the best in authentic modern hospitality lighting designs.

Churches, Museums, Art galleries

Farolite™ provides custom and standard lighting solutions to churches (Video credits: Churchfront with Jake Gosselin), museums and galleries around the globe. Through our striking and state-of-the-art lighting designs, we have set the standard of excellence in church and artistic lighting. Our elegant lighting products are gracing some of the world’s most famous churches, premier galleries, museums, sculptures, and art exhibitions.

Music Videos, TV Shows, Product Announcements

From TV Studio sets to the lighting setups for a product announcement, our entertainment lighting fixtures are there to light up the mood at any show. Reliable CRI, Optimal Ra and R9 values and energy saving qualities make our entertainment lighting products the central design element on the venue.


Ferris Wheels, Amusement Parks, Theme Parks

Amusement and theme parks are an experience in themselves. Farolite™ has a wide range of state-of-art lights, color changing LED luminaires and exterior lighting fixtures that can help amusement and theme parks set up big, bright, bold rides for their visitors.


Architectural Lighting, Commercial Spaces

Farolite™ offers a broad lighting portfolio for commercial and architectural lighting needs. Our fluorescent, LED, surface, wraparound lighting are recognized for their quality, design, and reliability, making us one of the sought after brands in the commercial lighting industry.
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Join Hands with FaroliteTM

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